Business Model Innovation of China's Unicorns by Josiah Go

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What to Expect:


Asia’s market share of GDP has been continuously rising, on the other hand, America’s and Europe’s has been declining in the last two decades. It’s time we start balancing our world views and learn from some of the world class innovators from Asia’s biggest economy, where many of them are millennials.


This half day course is a fusion of the application of business models and innovations of some of China’s unicorns (valuation of at least US$1 billion). Their business models, along with their building blocks, and strategies that are now being copied by other countries will be decoded in this executive briefing.


Our speaker, Josiah Go, has previously applied the business model building blocks in many Western cases, now he is sharing Eastern cases in order to expand your mental models. 4 decoded cases of business model innovation  will be generously shared – two products and two services. Important elements of the business model will be highlighted in order to learn how to create, deliver, capture and defend value. The course is designed for participants to learn about business model, strategy and innovation from other industries. There will be a Q&A segment at the end of the executive briefing. 

100% of the proceeds for the benefit of families affected by typhoon Odette.

In just a half day, learn how privately owned startups in China became billion-dollar companies and overtook it’s western competitors, ONLY on January 27, 2022 from 1:30PM to 5:30PM! You wouldn’t want to miss it.

Key Topics:  Introduction to Business Model Innovation   

  • Case 1: How to apply C2M business model from the food/agri industry to non-food to disrupt traditional retail and overtake ecommerce leader?  
  • Case 2: Where is one great place to find your next big idea to start a totally new consumer durable category?  
  • Case 3: How to spot, start and survive a new service category (while not negating the advantages of a first mover)? (3 different companies for case 3)
  • Case 4: How to reinvent a boring existing category and create an ecosystem for massive demand generation?

Key Benefits to Participants:

  • Understand why conventional wisdom should be doubted 
  • Learn the missing secret ingredient in all strategies
  • Ensure the desirability, feasibility and viability of your business concept
  • Spot and incorporate market-driving strategy (for unserved/underserved markets) in your business model

Key Benefits to the Company:

  • Discover the 11 building blocks of the Business Model Map
  • 4 Tests to check if your firm has a good or bad business model
  • Evaluate and redirect your team strategy 
  • Exploit a business opportunity
  • Decode a competitor’s strategy and get ahead