Go to https://continuum-edu.com and click on your preferred course. The “ENROLL” button will appear on top of the poster.

You may pay via online (Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal) immediately after enrolling to an online seminar.

Companies affected by the ECQ can take advantage of a special subsidy. Practice integrity when availing of this subsidy. Here are some COVID19-affected industries (tourism, malls, retails, restaurants, cinema, entertainment, luxury goods, wet market, etc.). If your company is not part of the list, but has been affected by COVID19, we trust your honesty.

During checkout, the promo code for COVID19-affected companies will appear. Please use that to get the discounted rate.

– Less 5% for 5-9 people
     – Less 10% for 10-14 people
     – Less 15% for 15-19 people
     – Less 20% for 20-49 people
     – Less 25% for 50-99 people
     – Less 30% for 100 or more people
            *Participants must be from the same conglomerate to avail the group discount.
            **Cannot be combined with other discounts.

 – Included in the fee is the access to online course videos, soft-copy of the presentation and soft copy of the practice activities (Please keep the copy to yourself. All materials are covered by Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines), scheduled Q&A with the speaker after the seminar (Note: double check on your course as this option might be exclusive to group registration), and e-certificate (upon completion of the seminar and submission of evaluation).


We highly recommend using Google Chrome in watching the course.

Once you have paid for the seminar, you have 48 hours to access the online course from your chosen seminar date.

No. The username and password is only accepted at one device at a time. It is recommended that you log-out in your current device before logging in to a new device. A laptop would be your best option in watching this online seminar.

All the videos are pre-recorded that you can watch anytime within the 48 hours from your chosen seminar date.

We recommend watching the videos in sequence. You cannot proceed to the next video without watching the prior one.

We highly suggest that you watch all videos first, answer the exercises, then rewatch the videos as review.

There are recommended activities to help you better understand the topic. It will be done individually, in your own pace. No submission will be required.

We highly suggest connecting to a minimum bandwidth of 5 mpbs internet connection to view the online course in the highest quality (1080p). You may control your streaming quality by clicking the ‘gear’ icon on lower right corner of the the video.

Yes, you may rewatch the video within the 48 hours time-frame of your registration.

For your questions to the speaker, you may send an email to info@continuum-edu.com. It is not guaranteed, however, that all questions may be entertained due the volume of enrollees.


All online training course purchases are final and non-refundable. We can assist you to get started with the course, if you are having any trouble accessing the program.In case of extreme situations when the participant is unable to access the course purchased within the allotted time, the participant can exchange with another course of equivalent or lesser value. Another option is to convert into a training fund that may be credited to the participant for use to any Continuum or Mansmith group programs within 3 months from issuance. Request for this exchange or conversion must be received by email at info@continuum-edu.com.

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