How to Innovate While Cutting Costs

Mansmith’s Chief Innovation Strategist Josiah Go has gathered over a dozen case studies to show you patterns on how you can innovate in your company
Business Model

Business Model Shift

Your business may have been thriving before COVID19 but now experiencing the reverse – – a free fall that have wiped out gains that you worked very hard for and built, you need to immediately evaluate your options with no time to handle the shock.

A New Look on Business Value Creation

A brand’s value is relative to how its consumers perceive it. Having a compelling value proposition is what clinches the purchase amidst other competing products.

Leadership and Business Development

Understand what real business development is and how you can use it to recharge your business post-covid19.

Recover Revenues Using New Selling Science

Benefits to the Company: This course in conjunction with skills components also made available in this course series, will be significantly contributory to: Increasing sales performance Increasing revenues Decreasing wasted sales revenue opportunities Increasing number of accounts acquired and retained Preventing sales personnel failure

New Marketing Strategies for Different Industries Post COVID-19

An interesting exchange of observed new practices and norms of shoppers and human psyche alike leading to implications on new marketing strategies for businesses across different industries
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Low Cost Social Media Advertising

Learn how to advertise on social media for as low as P100/day! Get direct-to-the-point answers to your most frequently asked questions with Mansmith Chief Marketing Capability Strategist Albet Buddahim and Mansmith Chief Innovation Strategist Josiah Go.

Insights-Driven Business Turnarounds

Many big ideas and great products came from simple, mind-opening insights. Insighting is about finding new truths and connecting the dots.
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Digital Marketing During Turbulent Times

Learn Digital Marketing During Turbulent Times with Mansmith Chief Digital Strategist Donald Lim and Mansmith Chief Innovation Strategist Josiah Go, in this quick guide, direct-to-the-point answers to your most frequently asked questions.
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Crisis Adaptive Selling

Those companies and salespeople who can overcome denial and adapt earliest, will be able to hurdle this crisis much faster or even beat the leaders of their industry or craft. To help those of you who wish to act now instead of sulk in denial, here is: ‘CRISIS ADAPTIVE SELLING’.
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40 Ways to Drive Business Growth with 8 Elements to Emerge Stronger After a Downturn

Save precious time and effort, and don’t let other industry players improve their competitive position and financial performance ahead of you. Attend Josiah Go’s “40 Ways to Drive Business Growth” online seminar