Business Model

Successful Strategic Partnership

Mansmith Chief Alliance Strategist, Ramon Barredo discusses the key concepts, frameworkes, roles and competencies needed in order to forge successful, strategic partnerships

Before You Buy or Sell a Franchise After Covid

For the first time, this framework, plus many new materials added, is shared publicly in 6 videos for a limited duration, allowing both existing and aspiring franchisors and franchisees a critical look into the big picture of franchising.
Best Sellers, Management

Operations Management For Remote Teams

Prepare tools needed to manage teams remotely vs traditional face to face team management.

Disruptions and Business Continuity Planning

This course helps companies manage risks and disruptions — avoiding self-inflicted injury of not doing a pre mortem to protect their own resources as well as customer’s supply or service continuity.

8 Business Insights In The New Normal

What should business owners do in the new normal? Record-breaking, best-selling author Josiah Go shares 8 insights you do not want to miss!