What is a Business Model Map?

A business model map is a one-page visual document containing 11 interconnected building blocks that acts as a replacement for a 100-page business plan. To fans of fully written business plans, a business model map can be the starting point before they prepare their business plan. 

Why this course is unique?

The Mansmith Business Model Map has two building blocks distinct from the most popular business model canvas. 

  • The Value Chain is the starting point of the operating model and is the source element of key processes. By methodically designing the value chain, companies can analyze and effectively collapse or expand activities. 
  • Reconfiguration is indispensable, especially to entrepreneurs, for raising revenues while using lesser costs. Without reconfiguration, companies cannot think of innovative ways to start or sustain their business.

This course brings the Mansmith Business Model Map four steps further by: 

  • Introducing the selection criteria for each of the building blocks to truly guide the audience on how to formulate, evaluate, and redirect their actions.
  • Introducing the importance of risk mitigation in each building block.
  • Featuring interviews with ten top world-class business leaders in the Philippines to make the concept of business models come alive.

This course is for:

Business model neophytes or business managers designing a business model for the first time. This course will help them find a potential competitive advantage in their models, not just in their value proposition.
The experienced business model canvas users or those familiar with the Business Model Canvas. This course will help enhance their knowledge on the selection criteria and risk mitigation for each building block, and how adding value chain and re-configuration into the mix helps solidify their business models further.

Here are the lessons under the 55-video Business Model course

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Introducing Business Model Course Designer Josiah Go

Introducing Josiah Go, the course designer. He is one of the few Asians declared one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of the World (in Business Education), an award for leaders who have excelled in their chosen profession before they reached the age of 40 and awarded through a search of TOYPs from over 100 countries by Junior Chamber Intenational (JCI), the leading leadership development organization in the world.

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Course Introduction, An Innovation Story, Signs of A Good Opportunity

This video uses the case of an innovative medium sized company to illustrate the 18 potential indicators of a good opportunity to innovate your business model.

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The Business Model, The Business Model Map, and Business Model Innovation

Viewers get an introduction to the Mansmith Business Model Map, comprising 11 building blocks and incorporating two unique elements, value chain and reconfiguration, exclusive to the model and not found in other business model maps.

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Module 1 Recap on Business Model Introduction

Summary of the introductory portion of Mansmith Business Model Map

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The Offering Model

The first part of any business model is the Offering Model, where marketing and sales departments are involved most. Viewers will get a glimpse of the offering model's important aspects: target market, value proposition, channel, customer bonding strategy and revenue model

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Building Block 1: The Target Market

How do you choose a target market? This video shares the answer to that question and more, outlining the process by detailing the key questions to ask, selection criteria, and risks that need to be mitigated when deciding upon a target market.

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