This course is for:

Business model neophytes or business managers designing a business model for the first time. This course will help them find a potential competitive advantage in their models, not just in their value proposition.

The experienced business model canvas users or those familiar with the Business Model Canvas. This course will help enhance their knowledge on the selection criteria and risk mitigation for each building block, and how adding value chain and re-configuration into the mix helps solidify their business models further.

More broadly, this course benefits:

Business people who want to improve their business holistically
Entrepreneurs who need to sustain revenue and lower cost
Start-up owners who are designing their business
Marketers who wish to explore beyond the offerings of their companies
Innovators who want to integrate innovation in their business models
Operations people who want to align operations functions to the company’s market offers
Analysts who evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a business
Bankers and credit committee members who interpret the business of their commercial loan applicants and clients


Business Model Map