Business Model Full Course Outline

Business Model Design and Innovation: Version 2.0

There has been a growing interest in business model, what it is and how does one go about innovating their business model. This course will show you concepts, tools, frameworks and methodologies behind the 11 building blocks of Mansmith Business model Map

It is best to bring the entire cross functional team for immediate alignment.

  • Session 1: Business Model / Business Design
  • Designing your business
  • 2 practical ways to challenge your business model
  • Process of improving your existing business model
  • Understanding bigger picture
  • Doing pre and post mortem
  • Common lessons
  • Cases in Food delivery, Solar, Battery
  • Cases from Israel, Philippines, USA

Session 2: Business Model Process

  • Assembling your business model (design criteria, activity system, risk mitigation)
  • 2 things to avoid in your business model
  • 3 tests of business model soundness
  • Cases in Automotive
  • Cases from China, USA

Session 3: Business Model Innovation

  • Redesigning for competitive market situation
  • 5 steps to Business Model Innovation
  • Redesigning for new market situation
  • Good product can have a bad value chain
  • Business model pivot during the pandemic
  • 10 enemies of change
  • When to do business model shift
  • Cases in Ice Cream, PC, Restaurant
  • Cases from Philippines, UK

Session 4 : Business Model Mistakes and How to Correct Them

  • 11 most common mistakes
  • 11 suggestions to correct most often assumptions
  • Cases in banking, entertainment, education, events,  fishing, medical device, medical doctors, trucking
  • Cases from Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Philippines

Session 5: Business Model in the Digital Age

  • Business model disruption
  • Avoiding pitfalls
  • Countering scale digitally
  • Cases in streaming, BTB, hotel, fashion, retail, microlending, solar
  • Cases from Korea, Philippines, USA


Lecture, Small Group Discussion, Reflection, Short AVP & Q&A

55 videos on Business Model



Business Model Map